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  • Pyrovolaki, Nikoleta
    et al.
    Liu, Jingxin
    Leadership behavior & its influence on Knowledge Management: A case study of a maritime crewing SME2020Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Leadership Behavior and Knowledge Management are two very important themes in Business Administration. The purpose of this study is to examine how Leadership Behavior influences Knowledge Management practices in business organizations. This paper is based on existing theories of these two themes and uses a case study to further investigate the correlation between them. Transformational and transactional elements of Leadership Behavior helped to define the relevant style of the investigated case, and to explore the leader ́s influence on Knowledge Management practices, existing theoretical models were utilized for the qualitative research of this study. Data is collected from directing managers and the founder of a case study company in the maritime crewing sector. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach. For the data collection 13 interviews from the case company were conducted and the researchers used knowledge resources from previous case studies and theoretical frameworks relevant to the research question. The data was analyzed by deductive reasoning in the existing knowledge with an interpretive approach in order to conclude from the empirical investigation in conjunction with current academic literature studies.  Results from the research showed that the leadership model as indicated in the empirical data from the case study, is Paternalistic. The concluded model influences Knowledge Management practices by affecting the level of employee’s motivation to engage in the organizational mission and willing to acquire productive knowledge. The findings of this research suggest opportunities for future potential studies in keyword terms about giving learning incentives to employees, Knowledge Management practices related to technological efficiencies and industry-related influential factors towards Leadership Behavior and Style.

  • Heikkinen, Tim
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design.
    Stolt, Roland
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design.
    Elgh, Fredrik
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design.
    Incorporating Design for Additive Manufacturing in Multidisciplinary Design Automation – Challenges Identified2020In: Computer-Aided Design and Applications, ISSN 1686-4360, Vol. 17, no 5, p. 936-947Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    One interesting method to take advantage of the particular capabilities of Additive Manufacturing is to utilize a combination of lattice-structures and topology optimization. This paper presents the results and experiences from attempting to incorporate these in an existing multidisciplinary design automation system within the aerospace industry. A combined state of art and practice is outlined with discussions regarding challenges in current commercial CAD tools, multidisciplinary design automation, and with respect to aerospace requirements.

  • Jørgensen, Ditte Martine Skovhaur
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, HHJ, Dep. of Rehabilitation.
    Nielsen, Katrine
    Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, HHJ, Dep. of Rehabilitation.
    Prævalensen af selvrapporteret muskel-skelet besvær blandt bandagister i Danmark: En spørgeskemaundersøgelse2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Objectives: The aim of the project was to investigate the occurrence of musculoskeletal problems among P&O’s in Denmark and a questionnaire was made and sent out.

    Methods: Members of the union “Danske Bandagister” was asked to fill out a self-administrated questionnaire. The questionnaire was constructed based on hypothesis about associations between risk factors identified in literature review.  


    Results: The statistical analysis consisted of 19 responses (RR=25%). The study shows a prevalence of 79% of musculoskeletal problems. Relevant risk factors were tested to be associated with the occurrence of the self-reported musculoskeletal problems. Tests was made with Fichers’ Exact test and a significance level at 5% (p=0.05). Only Gender proved a significant association with the occurrence of musculoskeletal problems (p=0,033). In this project women has the highest occurrence of self-reported musculoskeletal problems.


    Conclusion: The study shows a high prevalence of musculoskeletal problems among the responding Danish P&Os. It is not possible to do any generalization in the population. However; to confirm the result of the study, we encourage to examine the subject more.

  • Dhayanithi, Amarnath
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design, JTH, Produktionsutveckling.
    Sureshkumar, Deepak
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design, JTH, Produktionsutveckling.
    COST OPTIMIZATION IN PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: USING LEAN MANUFACTURING2020Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    In the era of globalization, every company is trying its best to sustain its company’s name and their product in its respective market.

    The overreach goal of the thesis to optimize the cost in the production system using lean manufacturing. To attain the primary goal of the thesis, three layered approach has been carried out.

    Firstly, the non-value-added activities in the shop floor has been identified. The tools like VSM and spaghetti diagram is used to identify the non-value-added activities

    Secondly, the lead time of a particular product has been calculated for a particular product. The lean tools like JIT,5s, TQM, TPM has been used to reduce the lead time. TQM is used to identify the quality issues, TPM is used to identify the maintenance problems and JIT &5s is used to identify the problems in tool arrangement and delivery of the raw materials.

    The last part of the thesis is to measure the cost-effectiveness by implementing lean manufacturing to produce a particular product family. Tools like Activity based costing is used to allocate the cost involved in the various activities that can be measured by the cost drivers and cost pool. To measure the performance of the production system OEE is used in this thesis

  • Hult, Amanda
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, Economics.
    Income inequality and economic growth: An investigation of the OECD countries2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Income inequality is in a majority of earlier studies more or less affirmatively agreed to be negatively related to economic growth. The underlying complexity of the connection lacks well-tried backing in the modern time. The main purpose of this research is to identify the relationship between income inequality and economic growth, but also the effects of other factors, such as human capital and investment. This is conducted with a panel data approach on 34 OECD countries with data over the period 1990-2010. Aggregate income inequality, represented by the Gini coefficient is used in the empirical estimation, together with two other variables to control for the income inequality at the bottom and top end of the income distribution. The results indicate the aggregate inequality level to be significantly and positively related to growth, while bottom end and top end inequality is seen to have a significant and negative relationship with growth. The level of GDP per capita, education and population growth is also seen to have an impact on economic growth.

  • Dutto, Davide
    et al.
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School.
    Lei, Duyun
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School.
    The distribution of Foreigners and Locals in Sweden2020Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 15 credits / 22,5 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This study aims to find a relationship between the distribution of locals inside of Sweden and the municipalities’ relative concentration of foreigners. With the usage of data found in the website Statistics Sweden, we aim to investigate the existence of any relationship between the local population size of a municipality against the number of foreigners present in said municipalities, and see whether foreigners and immigrants are more concentrated in more populated municipalities rather than less populated ones. We aim to do this by utilizing multiple regression and dummy variables to identify whether there is a significant extra negative or positive effect on foreigners. The answer seems to be that foreigners are in fact more concentrated in more locally populated municipalities, rather than less populated ones

  • Tan, He
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Computer Science and Informatics, JTH, Jönköping AI Lab (JAIL).
    Tarasov, Vladimir
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Computer Science and Informatics, JTH, Jönköping AI Lab (JAIL).
    Adlemo, Anders
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Computer Science and Informatics.
    Lessons Learned from an Application of Ontologies in Software Testing2019In: CEUR Workshop Proceedings / [ed] Adrien Barton, Selja Seppälä, Daniele Porello, et.al., CEUR-WS , 2019, Vol. 2518Conference paper (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Testing of a software system is a resource-consuming activity that requires high-level expert knowledge. In previous work we proposed an ontologybased approach to alleviate this problem. In this paper we discuss the lessons learned from the implementation and application of the approach in a use case from the avionic industry. The lessons are related to the areas of ontology development, ontology evaluation, the OWL language and rule-based reasoning.

  • Sollander, Kristina
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Supply Chain and Operations Management.
    Organisational ambidexterity in practice: a study of managerial work in manufacturing SMEs2020Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
  • Vinod, Prithvi, Prithvi
    et al.
    Sudhi, Rahul, Rahul
    Forecasting and lean improvements in the product return management: Case study in Logistic warehouse2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Currently, manufacturing companies/organizations are exceedingly focused on the reverse logistics since it has its own share in the overall profitability and development of the organization. Proper management of the product returns are considered inevitable factor for success by many companies. Warehouses are important part of the reverse logistic chain where major part of the logistic management often require. In order to manage the product returns in an efficient manner in a warehouse, it is very important to have proper planning and proficient method to deal with any uncertain situations. Along with this updating technology, better staff allocation, proper communication etc. are considered as very important for the better function of the product returns management in an organization. 

    The study was conducted in returns management section of a warehouse facility. The aim of the thesis is to tackle the uncertainty with the help of an efficient forecasting method to predict rate of product returns and further to understand the importance of forecasting in upbringing the performance of the warehouse. The first phase of the study also investigates through the current trend of the rate of reverse flow and proposal of the best suited method for forecasting of the future state. The second aim of the thesis is to improve the current method utilized for managing the product returns in the warehouse and improve the overall cycle time of the system under study. Second phase of the research also focuses towards lean warehousing by eliminating the warehouse wastes in the return management section. Finally, the results obtained in the study is linked with building and improving the key performance indicators (KPI’s) in the return management section of the case company. 

  • Holmström, Ingela
    et al.
    Stockholms universitet, Institutionen för lingvistik.
    Bagga-Gupta, Sangeeta
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, HLK, Learning Practices inside and outside School (LPS), Communication, Culture & Diversity @ JU (CCD@JU).
    Patient or customer? Interpretation, accessibility, and participation for deaf people in Sweden2019Conference paper (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    The key aim of the study presented in this poster is to illustrate the nature of accessibility and participation in the current provision of the Swedish county councils’ interpretation services for young deaf adults. Since interpretation services are affiliated to the health care system, deaf people in Sweden are often considered and treated as patients in need of assistance for accessing different contexts through Swedish Sign Language (STS) interpreters. The interpretation services are however multifaceted: at times facilitative, for example when deaf people listen to a public lecture thanks to the provision of interpreters, in other contexts obstructive, for example due to the administrative load surrounding it. The study focused upon in this paper highlights this complicated issue by presenting analysis of data from the Swedish Research Council supported project PAL, Participation for All (www.ju.se/ccd/pal), that focuses upon the trajectories of schooling and the post-school situation of young deaf people in Sweden. Taking both a sociocultural perspective and a decolonial framework on human communication, learning and identity, young deaf individuals’ life pathways are currently being mapped through an ethnographic approach in project PAL.

    A specific issue that has emerged in the on-going analysis is the importance of and the ways in which STS interpreters shape different forms of deaf people’s experiences and participation. One key preliminary finding is that although deaf people are often treated as patients, they are simultaneously tasked with the provision of information, preparation, and organization of the activities where the interpreters are needed. The latter results in that they get positioned as active customers of the interpretation services. This, thus, becomes a contradictory treatment of deaf people: on the one hand there is unequal power relations that positions deaf people in passive roles with limited, if any, possibilities to impact the interpreter services, and on the other hand they are given major responsibility for it, requiring them to be active and well-informed.

  • Zhang, Xinyu
    et al.
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, Business Administration.
    Egbe Stacy, Besong Enow
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, Business Administration.
    Sustainable Consumption in Food Industry: In what stages do consumers implement sustainability in their decision making process?2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This paper examines the concept of sustainable development and sustainable consumption in the food industry and how consumers relate with the idea of organic food produce and their alternatives. The research was developed by using the Consumer Decision Making model and the Norm Activation Model to be able to understand what motivates consumers in their buying choices and why. These models break down the steps a consumer goes through before making a purchase and the emotional evaluation that occurs after that decision is made. With a total of 70 responses from a structured survey sent out, the results indicated that consumers are conscious about sustainable products, are aware of the environmental and social impact but 30.6% of consumers have never looked out for sustainable products.

  • Rogic, Romana
    Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, HHJ. CHILD.
    Perception of inclusion in preschools: European teacher's perspective - A scoping literature review2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Background: Inclusion is a term that stands for fully including untypically developed chil-

    dren in regular educational setting. It should be implemented in all of the present educa-

    tional settings. However, the definition of inclusion and the way of implementing it differs

    from countries and cultures, which makes it a problem for having a united view on it. More-

    over, there are different factors that can occur and have an impact of understanding the


    Aim: The aim of this study is to review the existing literature on the perception of inclu-

    siveness and the term ˝inclusion˝ from preschool teacher’s perspective in preschool settings

    in Europe and the different factors that have effect on the perceiving.

    Method: A literature search on the databases of ERIC and PsycINFO and a hand search

    on the reference lists of the relevant articles was conducted. The articles that are included

    were recent peer reviewed studies published in English, reporting perception of inclusion

    and factors that affect it.

    Results: In the seven studies that have been included, preschool teachers have overall pos-

    itive attitude towards inclusion. They reported the inclusion is important to be implemented

    in preschool settings. However, most of them reported that the implementation of the in-

    clusion is needed, they do not feel secure enough and eligible to do it in a correct way.

    Furthermore, group of factors that affect the perception of inclusion and implementation

    of it occurred. The factors that occurred are lack of resources, no complete education and

    different understanding of what inclusion stand for and what should the implementation be alike.

    Conclusion: Considering the importance of inclusion as an ongoing process in preschools, education of professional staff for it is a first step in order to implement inclusion. Moreover, making the strong basis in preschool for inclusion will give the staff the confidence and eligible knowledge to provide the inclusive education for every participant of the environ-ment.

  • Telander, Eva
    et al.
    Ernsth-Bravell, Marie
    Projekt uppsökande verksamhet avseende äldre sammanboendes behov av anhörigstöd 2014-2015.2015Report (Other (popular science, discussion, etc.))
    Abstract [sv]

    Jönköpings kommun har i många år arbetat aktivt med anhörigstöd och ser ständigt ett behov av utveckling. Syftet med detta projekt var att öka kunskapen hos kommunens äldre medborgare om rätten till anhörigstöd samt erbjuda ett individanpassat stöd om behov och önskemål finns. Ett delsyfte var också att undersöka om män och kvinnor upplevde olika behov av stöd. Efter en identifiering av målgruppen genomfördes 150 hembesök, och 299 intervjuer, för att ge information och för att efterfråga hur de allra äldsta klarar sin vardag och om det fanns behov av stöd och omsorg från kommunen. Projektet visade att en majoritet av de allra äldsta sammanboende klarar sin vardag självständigt, ibland genom att stötta varandra. Det fanns också en stark önskan om att fortsätta vara självständig samtidigt som informationen om anhörigstöd och kommunens äldre-omsorg var högt uppskattat. De flesta deltagarna uttryckte en ökad trygghet i att nu ha kännedom om vart de kan vända sig. Projektet har varit uppskattat och ett flertal anhöriga som stödjer en närstående har identifierats. Ett flertal av dessa anhöriga har nu en kontaktperson i anhörigstödsteamet och valt att delta i anhörigstödets verksamhet. Det stöd som deltagarna efterfrågar liknar mycket det stöd som redan finns tillgängligt i kommunen, vilket antyder att det inte krävs utveckling av nya former, utan snarare utveckling av befintliga.

  • Stefou, Stefanos
    Jönköping University, School of Engineering, JTH, Industrial Product Development, Production and Design, JTH, Industrial design.
    A solution to misfuelling and a new experience in car refueling.2020Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The purpose of this thesis is to clarify to the reader the problem of misfuelling, which is the insertion of the wrong fuel in an engine, incompatible with the fuel inserted. Additionally, it contains research about the causes of this problem, current solutions in the market and a suggested solution according to the prior research and the findings of this thesis.

  • Mac Innes, Hanna
    Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare.
    Det går inte att abdikera: Erfarenheter hos anhöriga till äldre assyrianer/syrianer avseende anhörig roll, informell och formell omsorg2013Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    "It is impossible to resign". The study is based on the assumption that those who immigrate late in life have some odds against them that can make them highly receptive to mental stress, isolation and loneliness. This study aims to deepen the knowledge of the experiences and the perceptions the family members of elderly Assyrians/Syriacs have concerning formal care, informal care and their experiences as next of kin. Based on the exploratory purpose of the study semi structured interviews were conducted with 13 participants from: Turkey, Syria and Iraq, all of them providers of informal care for their older relatives who are late in life migrants in Sweden, and the majority of them beeing illiterate. A clearly perceptible theme in the study is that of being the responsible next of kin. The struggle for relatives to cope with the care giving demands induces both feelings of restriction as well as the satisfaction of being able to return the care that was once offered. Conclusions drawn from this study is that the responsibility of the caring next of kin never ceases. Another conclusion is that care which is not perceived to offer the older person the possibility to be understood will be perceived as insufficient. Ideas appear that there are different ways of looking at how care should be provided by younger and older generations, which is also associated with the personal conditions for receiving formal as well as informal care. It proved to be important to be recognized by the formal care. For the participants it entails to be heard, to be shown trust, to receive financial compensation for their care and knowledge of how care should be provided.

  • Bruck, Mozahir Salomão
    et al.
    Tárcia, Lorena
    Gambarato, Renira R.
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, HLK, Media and Communication Studies.
    Introduction [Introdução]: Special issue fake news: Challenges and risks for contemporary journalism [Edição especial fake news: Challenges and risks for contemporary journalism]2019In: Brazilian Journalism Research, ISSN 1808-4079, E-ISSN 1981-9854, Vol. 5, no 3, p. 426-429Article in journal (Other academic)
  • Lind Crona, Mikael
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication.
    Askling, Stina
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication.
    Kan man välja att vara både flicka och pojke samtidigt?: En kvalitativ studie om könsroller ur barns perspektiv2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Studiens syfte är att ur ett barns perspektiv få en förståelse för barns tankar kring begreppet könsroller, detta för att underlätta för genus- och jämställdhetsarbetet på förskolan. För att uppnå syftet har följande frågeställningar besvarats: Vilka tankar och upplevelser har barn om könsroller? Hur tänker och upplever barn situationer när någon bryter mot könsrollen? Hur resonerar barn kring sina egna normer angående könsföreställningar med utgångspunkt i olika bilder som belyser personer eller situationer som är en del av samhällets normer eller som bemöter samhället normkritiskt?

    Studien är kvalitativ och bygger på fokusgruppsintervjuer med barn i åldrarna 4–6 år. Ett hermeneutiskt perspektiv genomsyrar studien. Sortering, reducering och argumentering utgör grunden för bearbetningen av intervjumaterialet. Studien lyfter fram barns egna erfarenheter av genusfrågor och jämställdhetsfrågor och låter barnen uttrycka sig med egna ord.

    Vi kan i studien se att barns tankar och upplevelser kring könsroller överlag följer de normer som finns i samhället angående könsroller. Barnen ifrågasatte det presenterade materialet som bröt mot samhällets normer. En del barn förändrade dock sitt perspektiv under tiden som fokusgruppssamtalet fortgick. Utifrån tolkat material ser vi behov av mer genusarbete som belyser både jämställdhet, identitet och normkritiskt tänkande.

  • Eichler, Sharon
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, HLK, CHILD.
    Educational and mental health intervention methods for refugee children integrating in the Nordic mainstream education: A Systematic Literature Review2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    BACKGROUND Good mental health makes integration and participation easier. Many refugees have a great deal of resilience and it is important to maintain it and where possible to strengthen it. How much psychological complaints and disorders occur is partly dependent on having (prospect of) work, education or other forms of participation in society, experiencing social support, and having a social network (with family and /or close friends). AIM The aim of this literature review is to explore evidence-based intervention methods that can support refugee children to integrate into the school environment of the resettlement country.  METHOD In this systematic literature review, information was collected on a database for empirical studies and analyzed so as to discover efficient interventions for refugee children who just arrived in a Nordic country to help them integrate in mainstream schools. RESULTS For children, cohesion and support within the family are of great concern. In addition, prevention, recognition and receiving good care are crucial. The review discusses educational progress and social inclusion and how these can be improved for refugee children at a mainstream school. CONCLUSION The school takes on a very important role in the life of the refugee child. It is a strong protective factor and therefore life changing for the child and his/her family. This systematic literature review shows what kind of information is already produced and collected by researchers around the world. It can give an insight into the life of a refugee child and how they experience inclusion.

  • Plechanovaite, Samanta
    et al.
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, Economics.
    Strömgren, Carolin
    Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, Economics.
    National economic performance and alcohol consumption: A study on the Baltic and Nordic countries2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Europe is known for being the continent, in which most alcohol is consumed. The amount consumed varies across the continent and is highest in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The tradition of how alcohol is consumed differs across Europe. Generally, the south of Europe consumes alcohol more frequently, but in smaller quantities. While in the north part of Europe larger quantities are consumed on fewer occasions, this is also referred to as binge drinking. However, this alone is not able to explain the variance in consumption patterns. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the selected national performance measurements on alcohol consumption. The average annual wage, unemployment rate and percentage of GDP spent on health expenditure were chosen based on previous research. The price-setting on alcohol was chosen as a representation of consumption restricting policies. A panel data regression is performed on eight countries from the period 2008 to 2017. The results show that there is a relationship between the dependent variable's health expenditure and price index and the independent variables. More specifically that health expenditure and price indexes have a negative relationship with alcohol consumption. Furthermore, in the last chapter future studies and policies are suggested. 

  • Xiong, Xuehua
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, HLK, CHILD. Jonkoping University.
    The Studies on Peer-mediated Interventions for children with ASD in school-setting: A Systematic Literature Review from 2008-20182019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Background: Students with ASD are facing challenges in inclusive school settings. Despite some research have explore some components of peer-mediated intervention, there is gap between the practical implementation and current knowledge.

    Research aim: The research aims to synthesize the knowledge about school-based peer-mediated intervention for children with ASD.

    Method: The systematic review was applied in this research. Intervention component analysis to identify the component of PMI. Reichow’s evaluation instrument were used to assess the quality of included studies. 

    Conclusion: The content of peer-mediated intervention includes the PMI types, intervention intent and the combination of phases. Intervention outcome includes the measure methods and the result of outcome. The shared phases of conducting peer-mediated interventions are students recruitment, peer training and students meeting. The components of peer training are training package, deliver method and intensity. The components of students meeting are setting, context and intensity. Three of studies were assessed as strong quality of research, ten studies were assessed as adequate quality of research.

  • Su, Lijin
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication.
    Mothers’ perceptions of sex education for adolescents with intellectual disabilities: A Systematic Literature Review2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Adolescents with Intellectual disabilities (ID) have the same sexual and physiological developments as typically developing adolescents, including the same sexual feeling and sexual needs. However, because of cognitive limitations and lack of self-care abilities, they have a higher risk of sexual assault than others. As all other youth they need sex education to prevent sexual exploitation and to learn how to protect themselves. Since parents often are the primary caregivers of adolescents with ID, and they are also the primary educators of adolescents’ sexual education, parents play a crucial role in the development of adolescents’ sexual behavior. It is vital to understand what parents’ perceptions on sex education are. In the past, there have been few studies on the perceptions of parents on sexual education for adolescents with ID. Therefore, this paper aims to explore their perceptions through a systematic literature review. A series of electronic databases were searched, and three studies were identified for the review based on inclusion criteria. Content analysis was used to synthesize the results of the included studies. Findings show that mothers want to provide appropriate sex education for their children, including how to protect themselves and education on inappropriate sexual behavior, and family planning is not included in sex education, and believed that school could be the best choice regarding on providing sex education. The study also found that mothers have barriers to providing sexual education, such as lack resources and supports, poor knowledge about the sexuality, lack of confidence and sexuality is a very private matter. But there are also facilitators, the important role and responsibility of the mothers in providing sex education in the family, and the open and honest way in which the mother communicates with her children about sexual issues. These findings will help teachers or practitioners to consider the situation of parents when developing sex education programmes for adolescents with ID.

  • Thörne, Karin
    et al.
    Futurum, Region Jönköpings län.
    Hedberg, Berith
    Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, The Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare. Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, HHJ. IMPROVE (Improvement, innovation, and leadership in health and welfare). Futurum, Region Jönköpings län.
    Hälso- och sjukvårdens utbildningsuppdrag: Utlandsutbildade med kompletteringsutbildning, Utbildningstjänstgörande medarbetare, Studenter, Elever2017Report (Other academic)
    Abstract [sv]

    Mot bakgrund av behovet att påskynda nyanlända personers etablering på arbetsmarknaden avser rapporten bidra till att utifrån erfarenheter, kontakter med andra samt svenska publikationer, beskriva hur det växande behovet av auskultation/praktik och praktiktjänstgöringsplatser kan tillgodoses. Detta kan även och bör beröra ett flertal andra utbildningsgrupper. Rapporten avser att identifiera sätt att förbättra och effektivisera lärande och handledning. Målet är att skapa ett underlag för det fortsatta arbetet avseende professionella praktiker, lärandemiljöer och lärandemetoder. Rapporten kan dels vara ett stöd i att skapa en gemensam hållning inom landsting, regioner och kommunal hälso- och sjukvård vad gäller utbildningsområdet, dels fungera som ett underlag i den fortsatta dialogen mellan intressenterna inom området.

    Rapporten innehåller tre delar; en bakgrund, ett case som används som utgångspunkt samt en avslutande del med slutsatser och rekommendationer.

    I bakgrunden beskrivs den teoretiska ramen om lärande i professionella praktiker samt olika perspektiv på adepters lärande i vårdpraktiker. Synen på adepternas lärande i vården varierar beroende på vilket perspektiv som tas. Under senare decennier har antalet yrkesgrupper ökat i antal, utbildningsnivåer höjts och antalet områden med krav på specialistkompetens ökat. De professionsutbildningar som mer eller mindre har praktiska utbildningsmoment inom hälso- och sjukvård presenteras och utlandsutbildade personers specifika utbildningsbehov med hänsyn tagen till svenska regelverk och individuella omständigheter beskrivs.

    Case Region Jönköpings län (RJL) beskriver hur lärandet med olika förutsättningar och stödjande funktioner kan se ut i en hälso- och sjukvårdskontext. Adepters lärande i vårdpraktiker konkretiseras och därefter beskrivs de funktioner och infrastrukturer som bidrar till förutsättningarna för deras lärande. För att skapa bra förutsättningar för adepternas lärande beskrivs därför lärandet utifrån ett systemperspektiv. Med hjälp av ett mer omfattande exempel på organisering och genomförande av utlandsutbildade, beskrivs läkares lärande inom primärvården Bra Liv där Nässjö utbildningscentrum har ett specifikt utbildningsuppdrag.

    Slutsatserna och rekommendationerna är kopplade till att uppdraget är komplext och har dessutom en avsevärd tyngd då dess innebörd troligen kan få konsekvenser för hälso- och sjukvårdens framtida prioriteringar och styrning. Utbildningsuppdragen bör betraktas utifrån vårdverksamheternas perspektiv. Stöd och förutsättningar för nyckelfunktioner måste tydliggöras, i såväl mikro-, meso- och makrosystemen, Med ett transparent system kan samverkan för god och effektiv kvalitet förbättras i de olika utbildningsuppdragen, avseende professionella praktiker, lärandemiljöer, lärandemetoder och stödjande och ledande infrastrukturer.

  • Bergmo-Prvulovic, Ingela
    et al.
    Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, HLK, Lifelong learning/Encell.
    Hansson, Kristina
    Department of Creative studies (Teacher Education), Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.
    Governance of teachers' professional development and learning within a new career position2019In: Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów, ISSN 2084-2740, no 20, p. 157-178Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    In 2013, the Swedish government introduced a career reform for teachers (SFS 2013, p. 70) that established two new career-track positions, namely, lead teachers and senior subject teachers. This study analyses the process of integrating this career reform into the Swedish school system in its early stage and focuses on lead teachers’ professional development and learning when trying to interpret and translate this new career position in their daily working life. The study explored teacher´s ideas, strategies and actions to govern themselves in relation to the demands for research and proven experience within the career reform, as well as their underlying views of career. For the empirical data collection, we interviewed twelve lead teachers. The analysis of the data generated four different governmentalities that these teachers used to govern themselves when trying to handle the career reform in their practices: the school developer, the process manager, the subject specialist and the involuntary careerist. Teachers relate their rationalities to different career discourses where organizational, individual and professional discourses are prominent to various degrees. Furthermore, underlying representations of career relate to both hierarchical views, and to a perspective of exchange. In addition, two new representations of career emerged: career as a non-hierarchical or equal level position, and career as a sorting tool. The results indicate that lead teachers have found themselves caught in tensions between multifaceted meanings of career, research-based education, and personal and organizational pressures associated with the intentions of the career reform.